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Faraglia Spreadable Hazelnut 75% 350g

Faraglia Spreadable Hazelnut 75% 350g

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Novelty! - New Label 2023 - With Lots of Hazelnuts... 75%

Hazelnut Spread Cream 75%, the hazelnuts are of the Tonda Gentile Trilobata IGP Piemonte di Benvenuto variety, roasted in Clean Air by Faraglia and processed with technologically advanced machinery, the quality and authenticity is 100% guaranteed with a touch of exclusivity resulting from our laboratories of research and development.

Production is very limited, all processing phases are carried out by hand from creation to packaging and with the help of technologically advanced machinery.

The ingredients are very few and highly selected, all Faraglia spreads are made with the idea of ​​the CLEAN LABEL, innovating in the agri-food sector for Faraglia means using a few selected raw materials without colorings or preservatives.

Ingredients: Tonda Gentile Trilobata Piedmont PGI hazelnut 75%, sugar, pure cocoa, powdered milk.


Net weight: 350g

Net Wt: 12.3 oz

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