Who we are

Faraglia is an Italian company that produces high quality coffee , continuously researching and experimenting with excellent solutions. A family business, now an internationally recognized and leading brand, born in 1968 in the heart of Italy .

Faraglia is a point of reference for those who seek the taste of perfection every day. From the professional market of the HoReCa universe to the most demanding tasters . Coffee beans, pods, chocolates, beers, spreads and many other products created to amaze and excite, in a full immersion of authentic and pure flavors that involve all the senses.

After several experiences as the owner of bars and restaurants, Osvaldo Faraglia founded the historic Torrefazione Olimpica in Rieti in 1968, for the production of artisanal coffee aimed at the local market. It is the beginning of a success story that sees the company grow over time, with the creation of specialized workshops and an extension of the business towards new geographical and production boundaries. From father to son, from Italy to abroad, from coffee to other quality drinks and foods made in Italy: in the new century Faraglia transformed into an international brand which today boasts a latest generation factory. A production base with exhibition halls, tasting rooms and sophisticated research and development laboratories: where you can taste the present and imagine the future.


We started producing coffee over 50 years ago. And we haven't stopped since then. Remaining faithful not so much to the past but to an idea of ​​product authenticity.

For Faraglia, respecting tradition means respecting the raw material and taking advantage of today's best innovations which allow us to evolve towards a purer and more unmistakable coffee every day.

It is a journey that starts from afar, selecting the best batches of green coffee, and arrives every day at the roastery, the place of our uniqueness.

Zero external contamination and a series of processes calibrated in every detail with cutting-edge machinery, such as our clean air organic roasting system. The heart of our excellence. The fire of an ancient artisan passion. The technological air of a fully automated system.

In the brand new Faraglia factory in Rieti, on the slopes of Monte Terminillo, man and machine work together, combining experience handed down through generations with the advantages of an innovative industrial structure, designed to meet the most modern hygiene and safety requirements of food products, with particular attention to respect for the surrounding environment. For an international vision that never forgets to defend its territory.

Clean Air Roasting

You can select the best Arabica in the world, but it will be of no use if the raw material remains in contact with fumes and heat during roasting . Because coffee is a sponge and it can easily absorb oils and pollution from combustion.

Faraglia is one of the few companies in Italy to have a clean air roasting system, where the flame never comes into direct contact with the coffee, to preserve all its organoleptic properties intact. A latest generation digitally controlled system to guarantee the absolute quality of coffee blends and single origins. The secret of a cup that can offer you a moment of paradise.