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Faraglia Cinnamon Coffee 250g ground Moka

Faraglia Cinnamon Coffee 250g ground Moka

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Fine blend of 100% Arabica coffee with micro-ground cinnamon and vanilla.

Taste : This particular 100% naturally spiced coffee blend has a soft taste and recalls the flavors of "grandmother" with characteristic notes of cinnamon, without added sugars or additives and is appreciated by taste purists.

Roaster's Notes : 100% Pure Coffee Production, Raw Blending, Clean Air Roasting, Air Cooling, Slow Roasting Curve, production process controlled by digital devices and high-tech software. The micro-ground cinnamon powder is mixed with the still coffee beans for a maturation period. The particular "hybrid" grinding is designed in such a way as to be able to adapt to extraction with the Moka, Espresso and Filter.

Pairings : Perfect for all preparations, absolute or in addition to milk or excellent at the end of a meal.

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