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Airtight bag with valve
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A coffee blend that has always been loved and appreciated by our customers, it is the most used blend for the home moka and has a practically unbeatable quality-price ratio compared to other products. It is made up of 6 varieties of coffee, 5 Arabica and 1 Robusta, selected and of great quality.

Characteristics : it is a classic for the home moka. It is a mixture designed and calibrated to make the most of the moka.

Taste : The scent during preparation with the mocha fills the house, it is very intense of roasted coffee and hazelnuts, the taste is full, rounded aromatic, the aftertaste is persistent and pleasant, leaving the desire to taste another coffee, intense taste and aromatic. This blend is made up of 6 different varieties of coffee, 5 Arabica and 1 Robusta, of high quality.

Technical Notes : 100% Pure Coffee Production, Raw Blending, Clean Air Roasting, Air Cooling, Slow Roasting Curve, production process controlled by digital devices and high-tech software.

Formats : 250g ground coffee for moka in recyclable airtight bag with aroma saving valve.

Storage : Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light sources. Once the bag has been opened, close the upper part to limit contact with oxygen.

Use : Coffee blend for domestic and community use specifically designed for moka, filter, melior, French press etc.

Awards : Traditional blend always appreciated by our customers.

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