Svelato dagli scienziati qual è il caffè più salutare

Scientists have revealed which coffee is the healthiest

Coffee is often unfairly demonized. In fact, it has numerous health benefits. Not only does it reduce the feeling of tiredness. It can also help fight against free radicals and type 2 diabetes.

Not all types of coffee, however, are the same. There are multiple ways of preparing coffee, with different effects on the body. Scientists have recently revealed which coffee is the healthiest. Here's what the study says

Here is the best coffee for your health

There are more methods for preparing coffee than you might think. Espresso, Turkish, French, cold, with the coffee maker... You're spoiled for choice.

Not everyone knows, however, that the choice of method has consequences for the organism. This is what a group of researchers discovered. In fact, scientists have revealed which coffee is the healthiest. The experts published the results in the "European Journal of Preventive Cardiology", the journal of the European Society of Cardiology.

This is an innovative study: it is the first to link the type of coffee to the risk of heart attack and premature death.

The conclusion is clear: filtered coffee is safer. Filter coffee is nothing other than the drink known as American coffee. It is prepared by pouring hot water over the ground coffee. The resulting liquid passes through a filter before being ready to enjoy.

Because it helps life

Italians have many prejudices about American coffee. There are even those who call it “dirty water”. Yet, it is a very comforting drink.

Especially during the long winter days. But not only that: American coffee prolongs life. In fact, unfiltered coffee contains substances that increase cholesterol in the blood. Professor Dag says so. S. Thelle, of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Using a filter helps remove these substances. In this way, the risk of heart attack decreases.

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