Covid: con bar chiusi il caffè di pregio torna nella moka

Covid: with bars closed, fine coffee returns to the mocha

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Sigep, Italians more attentive to local roasters

ROME - During these end-of-year celebrations, with time extended within the walls of the home, and while waiting to return to enjoying an espresso or a filtered coffee at the tables of a bar, fine coffee returns to the moka. This was reported by the Sigep Observatory (International Exhibition of Artisan Ice Cream, Pastry, Bakery and Coffee which will be held at the Rimini Fair in spring) in detecting a demand for quality products for coffee consumption which travels with e-commerce and of new knowledge in preparation and micro roasting, now almost a customary phenomenon.

The moka pot has undergone an incredible evolution in recent times, after having been forgotten for a while. Now special filters and recipes are sold, both for bartenders and for the final consumer. Coffee is about sharing and the moka represents the ideal means of sharing. A trend that has taken hold online. But the trend is small local roasters and also microroasters, professional micro systems and high-quality coffee, both ground and in beans."

"Thanks to e-commerce, the consumer's propensity to spend has risen dramatically. It is a niche but significant market, with the consumer looking for the craftsmanship of slow coffee by purchasing professional filters and kettles, while on the raw material is attentive to sustainability and traceability".

Each coffee is unique and has its own roasting curve. For example, a filter coffee has hints of citrus and fruit, while an espresso best expresses those of chocolate."

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